Earth Knack Registration

To sign up for a program send me the registration information below.  You can also view this form here:

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Robin at Earth Knack  PO # 508 Crestone, Colorado 81131 


Payments: By PayPal to:  

Or money order payable to Robin Blankenship Send to: PO # 508 Crestone, Co. 81131

Payments are due 3 weeks before program start. Your space in a class or program is confirmed upon payment received.

Refund Policy: 75% refund 4 weeks prior to course start date. 30% refund 2 weeks prior to course start date.  Refunds delivered by PayPal. 


Registration information  (make sure your letters and numbers are printed clearly!)


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Program Choices:


Hide Tanning             MAY 18 – 23    

Buffalo Bull Boat      JUNE  16 – 20      

Ancestral and Survival Fishing       JUNE 23 – 25   

Fibers Fantastic!  Felting – Spinning – Weaving – Dyes- and Leather Strap Braiding   JULY  7 – 10          Survival, Edible & Medicinal Rocky Mountain Plants      JULY  15 

Primitive Arrows      JULY  21-24 

AtlAtl and Darts      JULY  28-31 

Fire! Fiber! Flint! Survival Basics      AUG. 12- 13  

Homestead, Blacksmith & Butcher Tools Repair and Maintenance – SEPT 21 – SEPT 24

Intern and Outdoor Living Immersion   JUNE 5 – 30      JULY 1- 31     AUGUST  8 -24

Choose one, two, or all three time options.


You can apply for the Jerry LaVelle Primitive Skills Learning Scholarship to help with your tuition. Jerry was passionate about learning and sharing primitive skills. His wife Kathi, family, friends, past students and instructors contribute to this memorial fund so others may continue to learn and share. To apply for $75 off your tuition: Write an essay on why you want to attend the program and how you will share the skills and knowledge you learn.

Send to:
Robin at Earth Knack
Jerry LaVelle Scholarship
PO # 508 Crestone Co. 81131

You will receive your scholarship funds upon arrival for your program.

The Earth Knack camp area is in the woods along the banks of pristine Cottonwood Creek.

Bring your own tent and camp sleeping gear. Use our fully equipped outdoor kitchen to prepare your meals.  Oils, spices, and teas provided, along with all the cooking pots, pans and eating dishes. Bring a personal cooler.  There are gas stove tops ,adobe “horno” baking oven, solar ovens, dutch ovens and wood charcoal grills.

Facilities include composting toilets and a lovely solar shower structure.


If you choose to camp, it is included in your tuition. 

If you want to reserve a tipi space there is an additional $25 each person each night. 

Bring your own blankets and sheets or sleeping bag and pillow for tipi lodging.

If you are interested in on site airbnb options use the airbnb site for booking and payment.


The Earth Knack Garden House; A unique, artful home

“Ride the Range” Equestrian Amish Off Grid Cabin

Primitive living skills for the 21st century