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Please check out Earth Knack’s partner programs.

S.A.L.T. Arizona Primitive Skills Enthusiasts Group Facebook

The Buckeye Gathering has a new offering this year. I will teach at the gathering the first week and this year they are offering a second week for 1-one-1 intensives. Check out their offering at these links: Facebook. link to a letter

Four Courners



Janet Ross imagined and implemented one of the top national place-based education programs. Click the logo for more information about the Four Corners School.



Cottonwood logo


Ford Church runs innovative, inspiring, and effective social change programs. Click the logo for more information about the Cottonwood Institute.



The Wayfaring Band: a program for special needs population.

Andrea Moore, founder, director and instructor can be contacted at

Andrea Moore and Preston on the Yak tour, summer 2013.


Wayfarer Band members, staff and students, build a new bridge at the Earth Knack school site.

Ronnie and Joannie using a hand saw, at the Earth Knack school site.

Wayfaring Band song:  “…the map is not the only territory…let’s change the way we tell the story…it’s all right now, you’re with the band!” By Scott, “resident artist”

Primitive living skills for the 21st century