2023 Intern and Outdoor Living Immersion Details

You can choose from three time options. Stay for one, two, or all three time options.

JUNE 5 – 30      JULY 1- 31     AUGUST  8 -24

Arrival is firmly the start date for each option. Minimum stay of two weeks, if your schedule does not allow for staying the full time.

Focus learning opportunities for the 2023 season are High Altitude Food & Fruit Growing, Horse and Buggy Transport, Tipi Living, Natural Water Catchment , Plasters and Pigments, Home Butchering,  Traditional Hide Tanning, Meat & Egg Preservation & Canning, Adobe Horno Baking, Fire Making

You will participate in the focus learning opportunities above and  daily routine support chores here at  Earth Knack, such as helping keep the outdoor kitchen clean, helping maintain the soilets in great condition, helping with horse care chores, working on keeping firewood piles full, tending and watering garden areas, and hosting class students to their campsite on class arrival days. Our schedule for focus areas is Monday – Thursday 10am to 3pm, and support  chores every day before 10 am. Interns prepare their own breakfast and lunch and dinner is provided. We gather for communal dinner prep at 6pm each evening.

As you gather skills and familiarity with the tools and techniques of primitive skills, you will have access to the facilities to engage in your own primitive skills projects. Throughout the season, you may be exposed to many different skills and learning.

The Intern fee, which includes dinners, is $95 weekly. You can choose to participate in the Earth Knack courses available to students as well, for an additional special intern rate of $45 daily tuition for any course in which you participate.

To Apply: Please send me a brief essay:  Why I Want to Participate in the Earth Knack Intern and Outdoor Living Immersion  to by postal to  Robin at Earth Knack PO # 508 Crestone Colorado 81131     I will then contact you to arrange a more in depth conversation by phone to discuss the realities of being here, questions you might have about what to expect and your personal goals for learning.

Upon an agreement of participation, submit a registration form and your intern fee of $95 weekly (multiplied by the # of weeks you will participate).

Print out or hand copy the registration page and send by postal to Robin at Earth Knack

PO # 508 Crestone Colorado 81131 or by email,

Payment can be made by paypal or money order and is due 3 weeks before program start.

The Earth Knack camp is in the woods along the banks of pristine Cottonwood Creek.

If you are staying overnight, you can set up your own tent, build a shelter or choose to stay in a tipi.  Use our fully equipped outdoor kitchen to prepare your meals.. Bring a personal cooler, Oils, spices, and teas provided, along with all the cooking pots, pans and eating dishes. There are gas stove tops, adobe “horno” baking oven, solar ovens, dutch ovens and wood charcoal grills. Facilities include composting toilets and a lovely solar shower structure.

Please Note: No alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or pets on Earth Knack property.

Jon and Elga canning pickles.

Kurt learning bow-drill fire making.

Cast iron cooking over the fire.

Vesper learns straw bale construction.

Raisa becomes a wood-chopper extraordinaire!

Bottle-feeding a baby yak.


Primitive living skills for the 21st century