New Offering June 2020 Outdoor Living Immersion / Work Trade

This new, unique opportunity replaces our traditional internship for the summer 2020 season.

How wild can you go?   Begins June 1st

Cheryl Nachtrieb (Saturday and Sunday)
Natural Dyes Spinning Weaving

Jim Langell (Friday –Monday)
Bows Arrows Archery Quivers Arm Gaurds and Finger Tabs

Cattail Bob Seebeck (Sunday and Monday)
Survival Plants Practical Edible Plants

“Papa” Dean Smith (Friday –Monday)
Blacksmithing Fire Making Traditional Basketry

Robin Blankenship (Friday – Monday)
Pottery: Clay Preparation, Cooking Pot Construction, Primitive Firing Felt Making with Animal Fibers Earth Pigment Paints Hide Preparation for Traditional Brain Tanning Horse and Buggy Hitchin’!

Andrew Naugle (Friday – Monday)
Wild Edible/Medicinal Plants Cord / String / Rope Making from Plants Animal Tracking. Bird Language Fire Making

Doug Dahl (Friday – Sunday)
Stone Tool Making Flint Knapping Mechanics / Demonstrations

Joe Henson (Saturday and Sunday)
Basic Forge Use Metal Work on the Anvil Roasting Fork Project Knife Making More Advanced Blacksmithing Techniques

Bill Oliphant (Friday – Monday)
Wood Carving Fire Making Traditional Camp Skills

Mike Foltmer (Friday – Monday)
Parfleche (Rawhide) Work Quill Wrapping Techniques Leatherworking Deer Toe Rattle Primitive Water Containers

Jose Villa (Sunday)
(30 year USDA bee researcher) Bee Behavior Discussion / Lecture Concerns and Responsibilities of Backyard Homesteader / Hobbyist Bee Keeping

Ryan Johns (Friday – Monday)
Homestead Style Butchering Over the Hearth Chicken Cooking Techniques Tree Top Rapelling Staion (AMGA certified climbing instructor)

Pierre Couvillion (Friday – Monday)
(Founder of Santosha School) Ancient Tribal Massage (Thai, Indian, Chinese), Movement Therapy (yoga for all body ages/ types), Inner Technology (breathing techniques), Chanting /Foods/ Herbs drawing on Ayurveda “Knowledge of life”.

Franco and Jessica Catinella
Camp Dinner Chefs Outdoor Kids Cooking for Kids

Chris Steen
Rocket Stove Design / Technology Traditional Adobe Plasters

“Ranger” Jeff Wolin
Preservation, Conservation, Cultural/Social/Historical Awareness: The Importance of Our National Park System and Public Lands Favorite Camp Musician!


Primitive living skills for the 21st entury