Robin’s New Book Release! How to Play in the Woods

How_to_Play_in_the_Woods_imageHow To Play In The Woods, a new book release by Peregrine Books, Gibbs Smith Publishing, was written and illustrated by Robin Blankenship. The book hit shelves in April, and is also available on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble.

As described on the Amazon site: ” This book is filled with skills, games, and activities for back-to-nature adventures and camping trips. It is great for all ages and abilities, from children to adults, and is a must-have for anyone working with scouts or youth groups. How to Play in the Woods is also a handy reference book for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who need to brush up on basic survival skills…….. This book encourages and motivates readers to be interactive with nature, to be free from prescribed schedules, and to just play and enjoy outdoors while relearning the wisdom and ways of our ancestors. …”

Robin says, “Even though we know it’s good to get ourselves outside, with all the convenient and easy modern distractions available in the indoor environment, it’s tough to make the outdoor choice. How To Play In The Woods gives so many easy and accessible activities and ideas about how to have fun out there, that it won’t take readers long to feel the motivation to head out the door.

Besides health and enjoyment, I really wanted to remind readers of the unified relationship humans have had with nature throughout most of history, how it has formed who we are physically and mentally, and the rich heritage of living skills amassed by our ancestors. Ancient technologies are just as magical and amazing as modern technologies, and reincorporating a few of them back into our modern lifestyle would go a long way in re mediating many of our modern environmental and personal health maladies. Greater appreciation for this planet that sustains us and the wisdom of our ancestors is a lovely side effect of ‘getting out there’… and rubs off on our youth.

Have fun playing in the woods!”

Please share this post! Also, you can help get the book known by calling your local book store. Ask them to order a copy in today! Even if you don’t purchase the book directly from them, they will get it out on the shelf and more folks will see it. Visiting a National Park this season? Or a natural history museum? Ask them to carry the book in their gift shop.

Have fun playing in the woods! All the best, Robin


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